About Us

Committed to organic production since 1975, Mountain Path Organic and Natural Foods is the premiere organic and natural foods wholesaler and distributor in Eastern Ontario.

Mountain Path started as a 138 acre farm south of Ottawa and has evolved since to accommodate the ever growing demand for high quality organic ingredients. We continue to produce exceptional stone-ground flours at our mill, now located in Morrisburg, ON, using local grains grown by our community of farmers in the area.

We have also moved our offices and distribution centre in the heart of Ottawa to better serve our members in the GTA-Ottawa-Montreal corridor as well as our friends in the North! In addition to our flours, we source and carry a wide range of organic dried ingredients in bulk and retail format and a large line of grocery items.

Our goal is to grow the organic movement by supporting healthy living, and sustainable economical, environmental, and social practices with integrity and friendliness!